Marbled Beauty (Cryphia domestica)

Status: Common throughout most of the UK - more localized & urban in Scotland.

'Hidden, Of-the-house'

(Cryphia = from kryphios, hidden: Greek, domestica = of the house: Latin).

There is much variation in the patterning of this little lichen mimic: ground colour is silver-grey with varying degrees of black/grey, dull orange or greenish marbling.

The larva feeds on lichens at night and hides in a silken retreat during the day.

Often confused with the Marbled Green (Cryphia muralis muralis), but can be distinguished by the following features:

*Marbled Beauty = BASAL CROSS-LINE (near head) is CONTINUOUS (from leading to trailing edge). More rounded tip to forewing & normally a pale grey ground colour.

*Marbled Green = BASAL CROSS-LINE is INCOMPLETE & curves downwards towards oval, forming a pale 'CLOVER-LEAF' shape. Sharper, more right-angled tip to forewing & ground colour distinctly greenish.

Marbled Beauty (Cryphia domestica)

Marbled Beauty (Cryphia domestica)

Note the continuous basal cross-line & rounded wing-tips.

Flight Period: July to August.

Foodplants: Lichens. Rock growing species such as Lecidia confluens are particularly favoured.

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