July Highflyer (Hydriomena furcata)

Status: Common throughout the UK.

'Monthly Urn, Fork-like'

(Hydrio from hudria = water jar/urn + mena = month: Greek, furcata = fork-like: Latin)

An extremely variable moth which is often green with varying degrees of black marbling, but can also be brown with black marbling, completely melanic or marbled with faded greenish-brown tones.

Like the other 'highflyer' moths, the July Highflyer has forewings that are distinctly shouldered at the base and the wing shape is described in the genus name as urn-like.

July Highflyer Hydriomena furcata

Typical green form

July Highflyer Hydriomena furcata

Melanistic blackish-brown form

Flight Period: One generation: from July to August in Southern Britain, from late July to early October in Northern Scotland.

Foodplants: A variety of trees & plants including Hazel, sallows, Creeping Willow and Bilberry.

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